Living in a condominium community may be unfamiliar to many people. Yes, there are rules that single family homeowners don't have, but there are many other amenities to enjoy and take advantage of.   Our most precious asset is time - we never seem to have enough.  That's what condo living provides -  having more time to spend doing the things we like and not those chores we're obligated to.

Think about the things you'd like to do if you had more time and then take a look at Four Seasons.




At Four Seasons there are three basic home floor plans.  The Beechwood and Fern are both "open" layouts while the Walnut is more traditional.

Original options available to new owners included: a loft over the garage, basements, cathedral ceilings, as well as kitchen and bath upgrades.

You can click on a floor layout at left for an enlarged and downloadable copy.You



Monthly fees cover trash removal, exterior maintenance, landscaping and snow removal, road and sidewalk repairs.  A more detailed list is available for download, just click here.